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Cold starters
Assorted cures cheese Lácteos
15.75 €

Iberia ham "pata negra "
29.50 €

Crab tartar topes with fine avocado mousse Huevos Crustáceos
17.50 €

Homemade " foie gras " terrine with caramelized red peppers Sulfitos
25.50 €

Raw starters
Carpaccio of sama ( local fish ) with truffle Pescado Soja
17.75 €

Chopped red tuna in mostrad dressing Huevos Pescado Mostaza Sulfitos
29.75 €

Tartar of red tuna with egg yolk, soy sauce and wassabi Huevos Pescado Soja Sulfitos
29.75 €

Classic steak tartar prepared in the kitchen Huevos Mostaza
28.50 €

Mixed salad leaves with tuna and avocado Pescado
17.50 €

Home roasted red peppers with tuna Pescado
17.50 €

Salad tomatoes, onions and avocado Sulfitos
16.00 €

Our fresh lobster salad prepared à la minute Crustáceos Sulfitos
54.50 €

Warm startes
Tentacles of octopus with spring onion ,red peppers , soy sauce and truffle oil Moluscos Soja Sulfitos
18.50 €

Canapé with slices of foie gras and caramelized red peppers Gluten Sulfitos
19.50 €

Clams in marinera sauce with pine nuts and garlic Gluten Moluscos Frutos secos Sulfitos
28.50 €

Pan fried slices of foie gras with port reduction and grapes Gluten Sulfitos
25.50 €

Our fried starters
Homemade iberian ham croquettes( unit ) Gluten Huevos Lácteos
2.00 €

Fried calamaries andalusian style Gluten Moluscos
18.25 €

Tempura of king prawns and courgette Gluten Crustáceos
17.50 €

Spoon dishes
Cream of vegetable soup
6.00 €

Fish and seafood soup Gluten Pescado Moluscos Crustáceos
14.50 €

Out of the sea
Grilled Cherne with Sauteed Prawns Pescado Moluscos Frutos secos Sulfitos
29.50 €

Panfried hake in leeksauce and cockles Gluten Pescado Moluscos
29.50 €

Red tuna with tomato Pescado Soja
32.00 €

Sea bass with prawns Gluten Pescado Crustáceos
30.50 €

From the land
Classic steak tartar-prepared in the kitchen Huevos Mostaza
28.50 €

Oxtailstew in red wine Gluten Sulfitos
26.75 €

Fillet steak of beef with morels mushroom sauce Gluten Lácteos Sulfitos
29.50 €

Fillet steak of beef with sauce and pan fried escalope of foie Gluten Sulfitos
31.50 €

Iberico pork steak with mustard sauce and canarian palm honey Gluten Mostaza Sulfitos
25.50 €

Roasted shouldder of suckling lamb
36.50 €

Duck Magret with orange sauce Gluten
25.50 €

The rice specialities
Paella with garden vegetables and duck
18.50 €

Rice with squid in black ink sauce Moluscos
18.50 €

Rice "Abanda" (sepia & prawns), with alioli Huevos Pescado Moluscos Crustáceos
19.50 €

Rice stew with seafood variation Moluscos Crustáceos
21.25 €

Rice stew with lobster and clams Moluscos Crustáceos
36.50 €

Rice stew with big red prawns and clams Moluscos Crustáceos
42.50 €

Rice stew with seefood (without shells) and cockles Moluscos Crustáceos
20.50 €

Rice stew with duck and mushrooms
19.50 €

Paella with seafood (scampi, prawns, clams, mussels) Pescado Moluscos Crustáceos
21.25 €

Paella mixed (chicken, rabbit, prawns, calamari, clams, mussels) Pescado Moluscos Crustáceos
21.25 €

Paella Valenciana (chicken and rabbit)
19.50 €

Ricestew of oxtail and oyster mushrooms Gluten
25.50 €

Ricestew of Iberian pork, chorizo, cured bacon Soja Sulfitos
22.25 €

The pasta specialities
Fideuá ( Vermicelli "Paella Style" with seafood ) Gluten Huevos Moluscos Crustáceos
21.25 €

Vermicelli stew in black ink sauce, with king prawns and sepia Gluten Huevos Moluscos Crustáceos
20.50 €

Vermicelli with big red prawns and clams Gluten Huevos Moluscos Crustáceos
42.50 €

Vermicelli with seafood ( without shells ) , and cockles Gluten Huevos Moluscos Crustáceos
20.50 €

Vermicelli with lobster and clams Gluten Huevos Moluscos Crustáceos
36.50 €

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